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About 20% of people suffer from sensitive teeth. It can be painful and very distracting while trying to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks. Here are a few ways you can reduce tooth sensitivity. 


The first step in reducing sensitive teeth is to identify the cause.

Common causes of tooth sensitivity:
– Acidic Foods: Often times people suffer from sensitive teeth while intaking sports drinks, salsa, fruit, yogurt, and soda.
– Extreme Tooth Whitening: at home or in-office both cause tooth sensitivity. It’s important to take a look at the follow-up instructions. Consider taking ibuprofen before you start your in-office whitening.
-Too Rough: Brushing your teeth too hard can cause lots of tooth sensitivity, and gum problems. Be sure to brush your teeth with a good amount a pressure for about 2-3 minutes.
– Gum Problems: Gum disease can likely cause tooth sensitivity as well.


Remedies That May Help With Sensitive Teeth:
-Control how much coffee and tea you intake: The acids in tea and coffee can upset a sensitive tooth. Do you drink multiple cups a day? Consider cutting the amount down little by little to help relieve sensitivity.

-Fluoride: Many people ask for a fluoride treatment after getting their teeth whitening or after their professional cleaning. Fluoride strengthens the outer part of your tooth (enamel) and helps it become resistant to tooth decay and acids.

-Brush with warm water: Often times cold water can irritate your teeth! Consider brushing with warm water instead.

Don’t be afraid to check with your dentist if you continue to suffer from sensitive teeth. Call today to schedule your 6-month check-up and cleaning. Don’t forget to ask your dentist about treatments for tooth sensitivity. The sooner we can take care of the problem, the sooner you can enjoy our favorite foods and drinks without the discomfort.

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